About Us


Urban Concepts owes its inception to Henry Betlehem, principal of the Company. Henry’s family background in the construction industry, coupled with a career that has included long stints in real estate and commercial property, has given him a keen awareness of all facets of property development.

Having recognised a niche in the Perth market that he believed he could fill, Henry established Urban Concepts in 1996. That niche, identified by only a handful of others at the time, was an emerging demand on the part of career-focused couples and singles for welldesigned, reasonably priced, medium-density housing in inner-city rather than traditional suburban areas. 

This demand, combined with the relatively low land prices in inner-city precincts, represented then, as it does today, good investment opportunities.

To capitalise on these opportunities, Urban Concepts commenced construction of stylish, high-quality, mixed-use ‘boutique’ developments in prime inner-city locations. Today, these developments, which form the basis of Urban Concepts’ business, appeal not only to the young professionals for whom they were originally intended but also to first home buyers and ‘empty nesters’, many of whom are now realising the benefits of an urban lifestyle.

To date, Urban Concepts’ growth has outstripped all forecasts in terms of the number of projects managed and their size. In eight years, developments valued at more than $30 million have been completed, with this figure set to double over the next two to three years. 

Company ethos

Urban Concepts’ philosophy is simple: select prime locations and create in them well designed, functional working and living environments, with an emphasis on quality for those seeking substance as well as style.

That emphasis on quality underlies the Company’s ethos, with the aesthetically appealing buildings created complementing their environs and adding value to surrounding areas.

Urban Concepts’ projects to date have demonstrated the success of this philosophy, and the Company name is now synonymous with contemporary chic and enduring quality

Owners of Urban Concepts properties therefore enjoy exceptional lifestyle benefits, as well as an excellent return on their investment.

Formula of sucess

Urban Concepts’ formula for success begins with the selection of optimum development sites. Each location has its own unique characteristics, which are utilised to maximum advantage. This ensures the best possible outcomes not only for investors but also the community in which each development occurs.

The Company’s expertise lies also in sourcing the best consultants and suppliers, among them award-winning architects, leading builders, specialist industry consultants and designers. By engaging and retaining the best architects, consultants and builders, the Company maintains the highest standards of design and construction. 

Together, these professionals form a formidable network. With each project demanding a different set of skills, Urban Concepts creates the right development team for the job at hand. Tailoring teams in this way keeps everyone focused and produces outstanding results

Marketing and sales are managed in-house. Customers buy direct from Urban Concepts, which helps keep prices within reasonable limits. For potential purchasers, this 'developer direct' approach has considerable advantages. Not only is it beneficial in terms of cost and service but it establishes mutually rewarding relationships. Indeed, many buyers go on to purchase property in subsequent Urban Concepts projects, often at the planning stage, thereby demonstrating their appreciation of this ‘one-on-one’ sales philosophy and their faith in the Company’s ability to deliver a great product on time and on budget.

In summary

Urban Concepts:

  • • is committed to innovation, quality and building excellence
  • creates properties that significantly enhance and complement existing streetscapes
  • deals developer-direct, resulting in better value for money and superior service for the Company’s customer base
  • sells ‘off the plan’, allowing buyers to save money and, importantly, customise their property to suit their own requirements
  • pays keen attention to detail – even the smallest items receive due care
  • has a wealth of experience and a strong track record, and is proud of its achievements and reputation
  • believes in its product – its principal and key members of staff live and work in Company developments.